Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor review

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Unraveling the Mystery of Secret Neighbor

The gaming world has seen an influx of engaging and immersive multiplayer games in recent years, but none quite captures the essence of suspense and intrigue like Secret Neighbor. This exciting masterpiece, a spin-off from the well-known Hello Neighbor series, was released by Hologryph and Dynamic Pixels. A blend of adventure and horror elements, it offers a unique experience where cooperation with friends can lead to unexpected consequences.

In Secret Neighbor, up to six players form a team with one objective: infiltrate the house of their mysterious neighbor and uncover his secrets. However, among these innocent children is an impostor - the secretive neighbor in disguise. The game's tension-filled atmosphere is driven by its core mechanic, where trust becomes questionable as players attempt to figure out who amongst them isn't what they seem.

The Winding Pathways & Challenges Within Secret Neighbor

The game thrives on its social interaction features while integrating puzzle-solving mechanics within its gameplay. Players communicate, strategize, and gather necessary keys while remaining constantly vigilant about their seemingly innocent teammates. As for the disguised neighbor, manipulating others while subtly hindering their progress is pivotal to victory.

Despite its incredible concept and dynamic gameplay, there are certain aspects that could be improved upon in Secret Neighbor. Some users have noted technical issues such as sporadic lagging or crashing. These interruptions can significantly impact player experience, especially during crucial moments in-game. Furthermore, some players feel frustrated by the lack of progress tracking which makes it hard to gauge individual improvement or mastery over time.

An additional consideration is the game's complexity, which may be overwhelmingly difficult for newcomers without concise tutorial assistance or simple modes for beginners to practice before joining competitive games.

Players’ Impressions & Final Thoughts

Despite some setbacks, responses towards Secret Neighbor have been largely positive. Numerous gamers appreciate the game for its distinct idea and are captivated by the suspenseful environment it produces. The delight in cracking puzzles, coupled with a constant sense of threat, keeps players alert and significantly enhances the game's attractiveness.

The suspense of being uncertain about who the undercover neighbor is introduces an exciting twist to every game, which holds the attention of players, compelling them to return continuously. The seamless blend of fear, intrigue, and camaraderie makes Secret Neighbor stand out among other games in its genre.

Ultimately, despite opportunities for enhancement in the technical aspects and making it more user-friendly for novices, Secret Neighbor has expertly intertwined suspense, horror, and adventure components into an immersive multiplayer game that is certainly worthwhile to delve into.


  • Unique Concept
  • Replayability
  • Cooperative Gameplay
  • Advanced AI
  • Variety of Characters
  • Engaging and Fun.


  • Limited Map
  • High Difficulty Leve
  • Requires Teamwork
  • Glitches and Bugs.


Secret Neighbor Secret Neighbor

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