Homescapes review


Homescapes review

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Homescapes, a charming combination of puzzle-solving and home restoration gameplay, has enamored a multitude of players. Created by Playrix, this distinctive blend of match three puzzles and simulation components offers an immersive gaming experience. It brings together the challenge of solving puzzles with the satisfaction of renovating a grand old mansion to its former glory.


The stunning graphics of Homescapes is one of its most remarkable features. The game exhibits richly crafted interiors brimming with bright colors and meticulous textures. The characters are well-animated, bringing them to life in this immersive world. The visuals are not just mesmerizing, but they significantly contribute to elevating the entire gaming experience.


The combination of puzzle-solving and home renovation features in Homescapes notably boosts its replay value. As you progress through levels, you unlock more areas of the house to revamp and decorate according to your personal taste. Additionally, there’s an underlying storyline that unfolds as you proceed, involving Austin the butler and his family, making it far more than just a simple puzzle game.

Replay Value

The combination of solving puzzles and home renovation elements in Homescapes significantly enhances its replayability. New levels are always being added among the hundreds available, providing constant discoveries and challenges to conquer.Plus, as you advance through the game, you're constantly presented with different design choices for your mansion renovation project which adds variety every time you play.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Homescapes offers an exciting mix of challenging puzzles and creative home design. The attractive visuals, captivating game mechanics, and substantial replayability make it a commendable game for enthusiasts of match-3 puzzles as well as home renovation simulator aficionados.


  • Beautifully crafted graphical design
  • A unique blend of match-3 puzzles and home renovation gameplay
  • Engaging storyline involving Austin the butler and his family
  • High replay value with hundreds of levels to conquer
  • Frequent updates provide new rooms to renovate and puzzles to solve
  • The freedom to choose your interior design style for the mansion.


  • The difficulty level can spike suddenly in higher levels
  • In-app purchases can become necessary to progress at a reasonable pace
  • The storyline sometimes feels secondary compared to the puzzle-solving aspect.


Homescapes Homescapes

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