Grand Theft Auto V review

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V review

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Grand Theft Auto V, a thrilling rollercoaster ride from Rockstar Games, takes you through the vibrant yet ethically flawed city of Los Santos. Introduced in 2013, this game has been a colossal force in the gaming sector, consistently mesmerizing audiences with its enthralling gameplay, impressive visuals, and significant replayability.


The graphic display of GTA V is incredibly stunning. From the sprawling cityscapes to the sun-soaked beaches, every pixel feels alive and real. The attention to detail is meticulous - each building, street corner, and vehicle exhibits unique attributes that contribute to a sense of immersion rarely experienced elsewhere. It's impressive how Rockstar Games has managed to create such a vividly lifelike world on the last generation's hardware.


GTA V boasts an engaging gameplay that blends a compelling narrative with adrenaline-fueled action sequences. Players take control of three distinct characters -  Franklin, Trevor, and Michael - each with their own story arcs and skill sets. This multifaceted approach ensures the gameplay remains varied and fresh throughout. The missions are cleverly designed, requiring strategy as well as firepower, while free roam allows for endless exploration.

Replay Value:

The replayability of GTA V is immense. With hundreds of side-quests peppered throughout Los Santos, coupled with random encounters and activities like golfing or racing, it is hard for players not to be drawn back into its world even after completing the main storyline. Additionally, GTA Online provides endless multiplayer fun, making sure you get your money's worth.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, GTA V is a masterclass in game design and storytelling. This relentlessly thrilling and engrossing experience will continually draw you back for further enjoyment. Despite its few flaws, it's a massive achievement in the gaming world and an absolute must-play.


  • A large, detailed, open-world environment
  • Three unique protagonists with intertwining storylines
  • An extensive list of side activities and missions
  • Lush graphics that create an immersive experience
  • A well-written narrative full of humor and satire
  • Multiplayer option through GTA Online


  • Missions can occasionally become repetitive or monotonous
  • The online mode has been criticized for its emphasis on microtransactions
  • The AI characters sometimes exhibit erratic behavior or glitches.


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