Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review

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Dive into the thrilling realm of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, an enthralling online multiplayer party game, awaits you! Released by Devolver Digital and developed by Mediatonic, this game provides a distinctive take on the immensely popular battle royale genre. Let's delve into its unique features.


The graphic design of Fall Guys is nothing short of adorable. The bright color scheme, adorable character creations, and lively settings contribute to an aesthetically pleasing experience that will undoubtedly captivate players across generations. Each stage is unique in its design and offers a different kind of visual appeal, be it the slippery ice stages or the whimsical candy-themed levels. It’s hard not to appreciate the charming art style that has gone into creating this eye-catching game.


The game process in Ultimate Knockout is both fun and challenging. As a participant among 60 contestants, your main goal is to survive several chaotic obstacle courses and be the final competitor remaining. The controls are straightforward and responsive, maintaining a level of complexity to keep it intriguing. The variety of mini-games - from races to survival challenges - ensures that every match feels different from the last.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout stands out significantly in terms of replay value. Thanks to its ever-changing roster of mini-games and regular updates introducing new content, it provides countless hours of enjoyment. Moreover, the game's competitive spirit and unpredictability ensure that each round remains fresh and thrilling, enticing players to continuously return for more gameplay.

Bottom Line

The Ultimate Knockout is a delightful, chaotic multiplayer game that masterfully combines cuteness with competition. The vibrant visuals, enjoyable game mechanics, and great replayability of this game make it a superb option for those in search of a distinctive and captivating gaming experience.


  • Vibrant and appealing visuals
  • Easy-to-learn controls
  • Highly competitive gameplay
  • A vast array of mini-games
  • Regular content updates
  • Great multiplayer experience
  • High replay value.


  • Limited single-player options
  • Sometimes, unpredictable physics can lead to frustration
  • The randomness can sometimes feel unfair.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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