Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade review

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade review

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The mobile strategy game, The Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade, guarantees a thrilling and captivating gaming experience in an immersive environment. Developed by Lilith Games, it expertly combines elements of city-building, real-time strategy, role-playing, and exploration to create a unique game world that constantly engages players.


For a mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade boasts impressive graphics. The detailed environments and buildings are rendered beautifully, and the animation for the different units is smooth. The interface is also clean, allowing you to easily navigate through your city or on the world map. The visual design truly enhances the immersion into this fantastical historical era.


The gameplay in Rise of Kingdoms is expansive and engaging. Beginning with a modest city, you progressively enlarge your empire by enlisting soldiers, exploring technologies, creating alliances, and engaging in combat with players worldwide. The real-time battles offer plenty of strategic depth as you maneuver your troops on the battlefield while taking advantage of terrain features. Moreover, the game continuously offers activities, be it accomplishing quests or engaging in events.


The Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade offers high replayability with its diverse array of civilizations, each offering its own unique advantages and play styles. Moreover, the PvP feature guarantees that each game is unique, as you're repeatedly challenging other players who bring their individual strategies to the table.


In conclusion, the Lost Crusade is a well-crafted mobile strategy game providing a rich and engaging gameplay experience. The captivating graphics, variety of civilizations, real-time conflicts, and endless flow of events keep players engaged for extended periods.


  • Expansive and immersive game world
  • High-quality graphics and animation
  • A diverse array of civilizations to choose from
  • Real-time battles that require strategic planning
  • Frequent in-game events to participate in
  • Detailed city building and resource management mechanics.


  • The game can be quite complex for beginners with its many systems to learn
  • Potential for 'pay-to-win' scenarios where players who spend more money have an advantage
  • Requires a steady internet connection to play due to its online nature.


Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

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