First Week Strategy Guide for Stardew Valley Newcomers

  • 08-01-2024 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

As you step into the rustic charm and simple living of Stardew Valley, the transition from city life to becoming a local farmer can be filled with wonder and a bit of trepidation. The initial days are critical, shaping your future and determining how comfortably you'll settle into your new country lifestyle. Whether plowing through your fields or plunging into the social fabric of Pelican Town, the choices you make in the first week lay the groundwork for your farming success and community relationships.

Embarking on this journey requires strategy, an ability to manage resources wisely, and a foresight to balance your energy throughout each day. While the options may seem endless, focusing on key activities and embracing the natural rhythm of life here will burgeon your capabilities and ensure a well-rounded start in your new home. This article serves as your beginner's guide, leading you through the daily actions that will leave you not only thriving—but relishing—the richness of Stardew Valley's countryside wonders.

Day 1 in Stardew Valley: Getting Started

When you wake up on Monday, your initial task in Stardew Valley is straightforward—collect the seeds waiting for you inside your farmhouse. Step into the daylight and begin clearing an area for planting these seeds on your farm. Your top priority should be gathering 50 pieces of wood to craft your very first storage chest. With this setup, head over to Pierre's General Store—or alternatively, Jojamart—to invest in additional seeds. Parsnips are an excellent budget-friendly choice for early farming and profit.

Day 1 Stardew Valley Getting Started

Take some time to acquaint yourself with the townsfolk, and while you're making your rounds, keep an eye out for forageable items in the Mountain area, the Beach, and the Cindersap Forest. Keep in mind that using the scythe on weeds won't deplete your energy, allowing you to collect fiber and mixed seeds effectively. As the day wraps up, plant any seeds you have left and make sure to water them before calling it a night.

Day 2: Networking and Nurturing Skills

On your second day, the emphasis shifts from the farm to the vibrant Pelican Town. Once your initial crops have been watered, seize the opportunity to meet Willy by the Beach, who will generously provide your first fishing rod, thereby unlocking the lucrative fishing minigame. Since Pierre's shop will be closed tomorrow, spend your available funds on seeds to maximize your profits.

If purchasing more seeds doesn't align with your plans, continue your exploration to enhance your Foraging and Fishing skills. Visit Cindersap Forest and remember to look for Spring Onions near the sewer pipe—they may not sell for much but offer a handy energy boost when needed.

Day 3: Productivity on a Rainy Day

The rainfall on day three exempts you from watering your crops, freeing up energy for other activities. Your focus can now shift to rounding out your introductions to the people of Pelican Town and boosting your skills. The Foraging skill increases when you pick up items in the wild or cut down trees. Although felling trees is energy-consuming, it's wise to accumulate Wood and expand your farmland.

As for Fishing, it consumes less energy and can be a good source of income. Post up near Willy's fish shop, reel in your catch, and sell it to him once your inventory is brimming. Repeat the process for an effective way to build up your funds.

Productivity on a Rainy Day

Day 4: Reinvesting and Maintaining Energy

On the fourth day, it's time to put the profits from your foraging and fishing efforts to good use by purchasing some of the top-performing spring crops. Plant, water, and care for these, but keep in mind that the more seeds you sow, the more energy you'll expend on maintenance. To balance the workload, save foraged items for energy boosts when you need them, and consider buying inexpensive snacks from the local tavern.

Continue refining your abilities in areas like fishing and foraging; however, always remember to conserve your energy reserves. Ensuring you get to bed before midnight is vital for a full recovery after a day's work.

Day 5: Welcome Your Pet and Explore New Ventures

Exciting milestones arrive on the fifth day with the arrival of your chosen pet from Marnie, the opening of the local mines, and the opportunity to trigger the Community Center event. After ensuring your crops and a new furry friend are watered, it's time to sell your first batch of harvested crops directly to Pierre for immediate profit rather than using the shipping bin.

The Community Center narrative springs to life upon your visit to Pelican Town, highlighted by a special cutscene. Now, venture north to inspect the Community Center and find a Golden Scroll to further the quest line. The same day, the Mines become accessible, where you'll meet Marlon and receive your first sword—a must-have for delving into the depths. Mine just enough copper to propel an event for the following day and secure the blueprint for a furnace. Don't miss out on visiting the Traveling Cart in Cidersnap Forest, a market that appears every Friday and Sunday.

Welcome Your Pet and Explore New Ventures

Day 6: Take Your Craft to the Next Level

Provided you've acquired at least one copper ore, the blacksmith named Clint will come by to introduce himself, offering his services to upgrade your tools, thus enhancing their efficiency and reducing energy consumption. At this point, having reached Farming level 1, you can craft a scarecrow to protect your crops from pesky birds. With less pressure on this day, you can focus on improving your Fishing, Farming, Foraging, or Mining skills, and here’s what you can create with your newfound skills:

- Farming affords you a scarecrow and basic fertilizer, leading to more complex creations like a mayonnaise machine.
- Foraging enables you to make wild seeds and a field snack, progressing to items like a tapper for harvesting sap.
- Increases in fishing level permit better casting, bait application, and, ultimately, crab pot use.
- Mining achievement unlocks cherry bombs and staircases for deeper exploration.

Progressing in these skills also improves your proficiency with related tools, which conserves energy during use.

Following the Community Center discovery, the Wizard from Pelican Town sends you a letter inviting you to his tower to learn more about the Community Center bundles.

Take Your Craft to the Next Level

Day 7: Culinary Inspiration and Completing Tasks

Your initial week in Stardew Valley concludes with the Queen of Sauce TV show, which provides new cooking insights. After caring for your crops, consider visiting the Traveling Cart to see what new items are available.

Dedicate the rest of your day to ticking items off your quest list. Achievable tasks include getting familiar with the Advancement Guild by engaging with slimes in the Mines, forging ahead to create your first furnace, and smelting a copper bar. These activities demand some mining time, so take along food to sustain your energy levels and health.

By following these daily strategies, you'll lay a solid foundation in Stardew Valley, balance your rising proficiency in various skills, and integrate yourself into community life—all setting the stage for a prosperous farming future.